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Who We Are

We Are Creative Dreamers and Innovators

We support you in the growth of your creative endeavours with our service and software based innovations, keeping data at the centre of all decisions.

Rapid Innovation

With rapid experimentation and active innovation at our core, we work tirelessly to ensure business continuity and success ensues, for you, day after day.

Cinema Management

Keeping your customers at the core, we adjust to their changing behaviors and needs, while building trust with them to experience ‘Cinema Management 2.0’ with you.

Cost Efficient

Lastly, we work with you to increase revenue by cutting down costs using Brij SaaS capabilities and Service management

APIs Available for 3d party

With Brij you can look forward to no integration problems. We offer:

Integration with
Theatre Management System
Integration with
3rd Party Aggregators
Integration with 3rd Party Accounting System. Eg. Tally, Nav Vision, Oracle Finance.

Recent Work

Project Image
Graphic Design, Video Design
Project Image
Graphic Design
Project Image
Project Image
Project Image
Grapic Design, Web Development
Project Image
Grapic Design, Web Development
Project Image
Grapic Design, Web Development
Project Image

Go Contactless

Make sure that social distancing norms are in place with a seamless contactless experience.

Digital Signage

Handle all your signage at a single location may it be handling movie display, FnB Display or Showcase of Ads.

F&B Ordering

Web App available at cinema locations for users to order food directly from their mobile

Kiosk Service

Kiosks available for Self Check out

Website & Mobile Apps

Website and Mobile App for contactless booking

Touchless Measure

Contact Tracing - Add contact tracing incase of infections in staff

Self Scan

Android App and Turnstile integration for self scan entry

Machine Learning based Recommendation Engine

Machine Learning Backend scheduler and pricing management system


The Brij Architecture

Let us help you understand how Brij was built and how it works.

Cost Saving

We have engineered Brij to solve the problem of the high cost of staffing, infrastructure and operations.


Hardware Cost

$4900 USD Capex

$4900 USD Capex

MS SQL License

$1100 USD Capex

$1100 First Year

Windows Server Edition

$500 USD Capex

$500 First Year

Firewall & Antivirus

$600 USD/year

$600 Yearly Saving (Recurring)

Other Ancillary Services

$500 USD/month

$6000 Yearly Saving (Recurring)

Comparision With Our Competitors

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself why Brij is the best.


Operation Support Services

Cloud First Approach

High security from a Operating System level

Lower cost of hardware

3rd party licensing cost

Over the air updates, SAAS Product